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Against All Odds -and- Kao The Kangaroo -and- Horizon Chase Turbo free from Epic Games Store

against all odds and kao the kangaroo and horizon chase turbo free from epic games store

Happy Star Wars day! Here’s three completely not Star Wars games for you from Epic. You have a week to grab your copies of Against All Odds, Kao The Kangaroo, and Horizon Chase Turbo from their store.

Against All Odds – Claim the Game
Kao The Kangaroo – Claim the Game
Horizon Chase Turbo – Claim the Game


– Account/DRM required: Epic Games (NOT Steam)
– Offer ends May 11, 1500 GMT
Against All Odds Steam Store for evaluation
Kao The Kangaroo Steam Store for evaluation
Horizon Chase Turbo Steam Store for evaluation

Some Notes:

– Kao the Kangaroo is the new (2022) version.
– Against All Odds is an FTP game. Playing this week grants some exclusive content rewards. FTP normally doesn’t get mentioned but I’m to lazy to redo the pre-written announcement.
– Horizon Chase Turbo is the first Epic freebie three-peat (June 2021 and Epicmas 2022).

Next week: The Sims 4: The Daring Lifestyle bundle. Really? Check back later and there might be an update with a real game.

Enjoy the game.

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