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Deadlight: Director’s Cut (DRM-free) free from GOG

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deadlight directors cut drm free free from gog
As part of their Deep Silver sale, GOG is giving away a free copy of Deadlight: Director’s Cut to anyone who owns any other Deep Silver game on GOG.

GOG store page

– Account required:
– DRM-Free once claimed (NOT Steam)
– Offer ends March 22, 0600 GMT
Steam Store for evaluation.

“But wait!” You say. “That’s not free if I have to already own something else!” Well, good news. The copy of Metro: Last Light Redux that you claimed from them in December counts. As does any Deep Silver game that you registered back when GOG Connect was a thing (and let’s face it, somehow everyone owns Saint’s Row the Third).

Just add Deadlight to your cart and when you go to check out, it will verify that you are eligible and adjust the price to free. If you already own it (say, from when they gave it away in 2017) you will get a code for a giftable copy.

Enjoy the game.

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