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Death Stranding free from Epic Games store

death stranding free from epic games store

The month long Epic Mega Sale has begun and that means mystery freebies the first of which is a repeat of the Epicmas giveaway for Death Stranding.

– Claim the Game

– Account/DRM required: Epic Games (NOT Steam)
– Offer ends May 25, 1400 GMT
Director’s Cut Steam Store for evaluation. NOTE: The Steam store DOES NOT list the basic version. This Epic giveaway is for the basic version.

Once again, they’re having trouble with linking the right page in their store. If you get a 404, be patient. They’ll probably fix it before the week is up.

Claiming the game also gives you your first Epic coupon (25% off purchases of $14.99 or more) which as always is renewable throughout the sale. If you already own Death Stranding, you can claim your first coupon from HERE.

Tune in next week for another surprise.

Enjoy the game.

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