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Filament -and- Rising Storm 2: Vietnam free from Epic Games Store

filament and rising storm 2 vietnam free from epic games store

Your weekly double Epic freebie is here, with the cable-based puzzle game Filament and the multiplayer first-person shooter Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

Wondering why you already have Rising Storm 2? It is a repeat from October 2020.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

– Account/DRM required: Epic Games (NOT Steam)
– Offer endsNovember 10
Filament Steam Store for evaluation.
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Steam Store for evaluation.

Next week, Alba – A Wildlife Adventure (a cute-looking game) and a 2019 repeat of Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun (a not-so-cute-looking game).

A puzzle game, and then a shooter to blow some steam after getting frustrated with the puzzles?

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