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How To Modify Bluestacks Emulator Space / RAM

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bs tweaker modify blustacks version android

What is BS Tweaker?

It is a tool to modify your current version of bluestacks. You can change the default launcher in BlueStacks 4 to gaming edition, install SuperSU and update the su binary, increase the memory and many more…


How to run the app

Download the latest version of bluestacks and install it.

Download the latest version of BS Tweaker here and extract to a folder.

Now open the app and start to explore the Universe!!

You can watch many guides “how to” from the original creators here

For older version of Blustacks ( v0. )

Download the version 3.12 from here and extract it to a folder

Open the app, and you can modify the space, size of the window and the RAM.

Here is one example how to increase the size of SD Card. ( The Bluestacks must be closed )

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