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Bluestacks - The Best Emulator Without VT ( ) Modded/Rooted

Bluestacks is an Android Emulator, essentially a virtual Android device, that enables you to do everything you would on your actual phone but on your PC. This version of Bluestacks operates smoothly without requiring Virtualization Technology. So, if you're unable to enable VT Engine System on your PC, this program is designed for you.

It's worth noting that this Bluestacks version runs on an older version of Android, specifically 4.2.2. Consequently, it may not be compatible with many modern APKs.


This software is compatible with Windows 7 or earlier versions, but it won't work with Windows 8, 10, or 11.

512 MB Storage

Install the file

To install Bluestacks, begin by running the installer from this link with administrator privileges. Once initiated, agree to the terms and continue with the installation process. Choose the destination folder and confirm your selection by clicking OK. During the installation, uncheck options for App Store Access and Application Communications if desired. Complete the installation by following the prompts and Bluestacks will be installed on your system.

Donwload the file here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13qMQArtsh6ErOFAV9MkwC9qtpXTeijSn

Play Store

To update the Play Store app, simply visit https://apkpure.com/, then search for 'Google Play Store' in the search bar and download the latest version. Once the download is complete, drag and drop the downloaded .apk file from your download folder to the Bluestacks window. After the installation is finished, launch the Play Store app, where you can either register a new Google Account or sign in with your existing information. Once logged in, you can update your apps and games seamlessly.

Problems and Solutions

Why the app closes automatically?

It's likely that the app is closing automatically due to compatibility issues with your hardware or software. Interestingly, it seems to work fine on Windows 7 and Windows XP. This suggests that the problem might be related to the specific configuration of your system.

When I'm running an app, my screen goes black, why?

A black screen on Bluestacks typically indicates issues with your GPU or a specific app. To troubleshoot, start by updating your CPU and GPU drivers. If you're using a laptop, ensure you update the CPU driver first, as the GPU driver may not activate properly without it.

Nvidia GPU - After the update, go to nVidia Control Panel, head towards Manage 3D Settings - Program Settings - Click Add button and add Bluestacks. Scroll down and turn off the threaded optimization option.

AMD GPU - After the update, go to Catalyst Control Settings, head towards Gaming - 3D Application Settings - Click Add button and add Bluestacks. Scroll down and turn off the threaded optimization option.

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